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Domain Brands. Internationally recognised ready marketplaces 
Integrated value chains @ the eConsortium. 

Qcircle Digitalisation Growth Plan
Value Chain Creation with Domain Brands. 
  1. The eConsortium for Digital Marketplace Economy >>

    BPII owns and manages over 500 specialty domain brands with strong keywords and descriptors. These rich domain names are strategically interconnected in one eConsortium @ Qcircle to augur sustainable development and growth among all its stakeholders. It’s eConsortium Ecosystem provides all networked members the opportunity to help one another in their digitalisation growth process. 

  1. Value Chain Creation with Domain Brands >>

    Integrated value chains @ the eConsortium, a strategic globalisation plan for Educators, Entrepreneurs, Business and Professional Service Providers/Owners to go digital. Good domain brand provides the strategic gateway to the world of digital economies. We bring our virtual spaces to reality for a new frontier of growth.  Here, you can create a new value chain with your core businesses.

    >> Internationally recognised domain names. Ready marketplaces.
    >> Intra- business and ecommerce. Trusted Collaborations 

    The eConsortium @ Qcircle is open for participation and co-identification with its series of specialty domain brands. 


  1. Domain Brand Affiliation >>

    The eConsortium @ Qcircle.
    Select a domain name to participate.
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  1. For who ?

    For all well established Education, Business and Professional Service Providers as well as entrepreneurs and business owners who are desirous to find leverage in our product / service brands @ Qcircle.

    Qcircle offers a series of rich keyword domain names with ready business content for quick entrepreneurial start-up or enhancement of existing businesses.

    All Associate / Registry Members are welcome to apply for a specialty domian extension to further themselves here. 

  1. Apply branding and eConsortium recognition >>

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