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eLITE @ Qcircle. The prepared environment for
continual business and professional education.

Transformation and Empowerment Series


Directed staged development. Select a development module.
All eLite programs are accredited by Qcircle and for subscription to an appropriate Consortium Plan.

Mode of Delivery:

Online or location based Seminar and Workshop, Forum and Dialogue (as directed, see specific program).
Online Consultation and Review.


Completion of induction program.

  • Session 1: Seminar and Forum. (3 + 3 hours)
  • Session 2: Consultation on Action Plan and Application (2 hours by appointment)
  • Submission of Progression Proposal on completion
    ( eLITE Mentoring Schedule as mutually agreed between mentor and mentee.)

Delivery Mode

Online Webinar or Seminar at nearest Host’s Location
Online Dialogue or Consultation at nearest Host’s Location


A self-contracted Fulfilment Action Plan.
Practical application of select eLITE Program.


Members on completion of the each level of eLite Program ( 1 to 3) can apply for an appropriate Award and subscription to a Consortium Plan. eLITE (Full Enterprise Pack) is available for fast track development.